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HAMMOCK CHAIR offers a unique experience, by its comfort and ergonomics, that will take you out of the routine. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Foot rest under the seat can be extended to let you sit in a horizontal position.

There is a pocket in your seat for you to put your belongings.

You can adjust the seat height to the desired level by changing the CHAIN ​​length.

It allows you to customise your design with a variaty of Cotton Canvas options, where you can experience aesthetics and comfort together. It has a soft texture with 100% cotton strong threads. Two removable matching pillows that come with the HAMMOCK CHAIR, provide comfort and great back support. Hidden zippered covers can be removed and cleaned easily.

No chemicals are used on any part of the HAMMOCK CHAIR, for your health.


Hammock Chair contains;

1 Cotton Canvas Seat,

2 Pillows with Cotton Canvas Covers,

1 Wooden Spreader Bar,

100% Cotton Macrame Threads and

Metal Hanging Accessories.

* The Hammock CHAIR is designed to be hung on a carrier surface or an element.

* Make sure there is enough space for the SPREADER BAR to move freely.

* Max. Load Capacity is 130 kg.

* Max. Delivery time is 5 work days to the local cargo company.


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